decollage.tv are Diane Karner and Roland Lindner. Architect, motion and video designer by day, multimedia artists and VJs by night.

Originally from Austria (Europe) they now live and work in London (UK).


decollage.tv does live visual performances (VJing and AV shows), visual content production, music videos and visual art.

We work for promoters in clubs, at festivals and fashion shows, for labels, DJs, producers and musicians, for stage and event productions and corporate companies at branded or corporate events and trade shows.

We also give lectures and do workshops on content creation, video design and live performance at international festivals, conferences and gatherings.


Above all it’s our passion and love for all things visual and music, that are the drive and force behind decollage.tv.

We also do believe, that good visuals dramatically enhance the quality of club parties, concerts, DJ shows, festivals and corporate events. They add additional value for the audience, but also for the promoters.

Great visuals support the music, enhance the experience and intensify the atmosphere of an event.

decollage.tv also has over 10 years of experience in visual design and live visual performances beside international DJ superstars.

All our work is influenced by our broad knowledge and professional backgrounds in architecture and industrial design. Both fields are inseparably connected to visual experiences.

Q & A

How did it all beginn?

We had our first gig back in 2002 for the band of two close friends. Due to the lack of proper cables and adapters we ended up filming the animations with a camera connected to the video mixer, which caused some nice, interesting and definitely unexpected effects.

Is that still the way you work?

Definitely not! But what stayed the same is the fact, that flexibility, improvisation skills and a good stress management are crucial for everyone working in live situations.

So what actually is a VJ?

A VJ, live visual performer or visualist is a person, that creates a visual enhancement to nearby music through the process of mixing several video signals or loops and partially adding some dirty effects and colours and other spicy flavours, while everything is projected onto screens larger than a TV set. Usually they can be found next to the DJ and often they are confused with the bar people or the DJ itself.

In what ways do you think do visuals add to an event experience and what are the advantages for the promotors and companies?

The possibilities are endless and that’s the point. You always start from a blank canvas and you can do whatever you like. You can enhance the overall experience of an event by simply incorporating the colours and graphics of the flyer or a brand in case its a corporate event. You can add live video feeds of the event and you can also go interactive involving the audience.

What style are your visuals like?

We call it our accidental-reactive style, because we have to react on whatever the DJ is playing and sometimes even we ourselves are (positively) surprised what’s visually possible.

Where do you get your ideas from?

We’ve studied architecture (Diane) and industrial design (Roland). That’s where our love for all things visual and for creative work and our knowhow is coming from. Like VJing and motion graphics, both fields are inseparably connected to visual experiences. And therefor even the processes during projects are similar. We always start with a research on the topic and think about colour schemes, basic visual elements and target groups. And we are listening to lots of music all the time.


decollage.tv had the pleasure to perform beside many internationally renowned DJs including:

Aphrodite (UK), Ark versus Krikor (FR), Armin Van Buuren (NL), Ben Watt (UK), Calibre (UK), Christopher Just (AT), Cleveland Watkiss (UK), D-Bridge (UK), Doc Scott (UK), Dominik Eulberg (DE), D. Ramirez (UK), Foamo (UK), Goldie (UK), Herve (UK), Jennifer Cardini (FR), Jesse Tittsworth (US), Josh Wink (US), Klute (UK), Kraak & Smaak (NL), Maral Salmassi (DE), Marcus Intalex (UK), Marky (BR), Patrick Pulsinger (AT), Princess Superstar (US), Sascha Funke (DE), Tiesto (NL), Wighnomy Brothers (DE) and many more!


A/V Collision (AT), Circuito Dei Club Festival (IT), Mapping Festival (CH), Spring Festival (AT), Sound:Frame Festival (AT), Urban Artforms Festival (AT), VJ Camp Crete (GR), VJ Fest Istanbul (TK), …

The Arches (London/UK), Cargo (London/UK), Coronet Theatre (London/UK), Dom im Berg (Graz/AT), Flex (Vienna/AT), LeZoo (Geneve/CH), Ministry Of Sound (London/UK), SAKOG (Trimmelkam/AT), Tate Liverpool (Liverpool/UK), Wiesen (Wiesen/AT), MuseumsQuartier (Vienna/AT), …


“Video Design Basics” at Playground AV - VJDJ Camp 2010-12 (AT)

“Creative Content Production” at Sound:Frame Festival Vienna 2008 (AT) and Playground AV - VJDJ Camp (AT) 2009-12

“Modul8 Introduction” at VJ camp Crete 2006-07 (GR), VJ Fest Istanbul 2009 (TK) and Playground VJDJ Camp 2009 (AT)

“Girls Make Visuals” by Eva Bischof-Herlbauer (4youreye) & Diane Karner (decollage.tv).